In Lancaster County, all employees are protected from secondhand smoke inside their workplace either by the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act or the Lincoln Smoking Regulation Act.

Smoke/Tobacco-Free Campus

Other businesses choose to make their entire campus smoke/tobacco-free and some choose to extend this policy to also cover business vehicles.

Recently St. Monica’s, CenterPointe and The Bridge Behavioral Health rehabilitation centers adopted a tobacco-free campus policy and they highlighted their experiences on the video Tobacco-Free Campuses in Behavioral Health Settings.


St. Monica’s



The Bridge Behavioral Health


TFLC recognizes those businesses that have chosen to make their entire campus smoke/tobacco-free.

If you are interested in developing a smoke/tobacco-free campus policy, take a look at our toolkit and watch this video to learn how a local business developed their policy…

and how this policy encouraged one of their employees to quit tobacco use.

Smoke-Free Entrances

Walking through secondhand smoke at entrances is not only unpleasant for clients and employees, it is also a proven health hazard. To eliminate this exposure at workplace entrances, employers can choose to implement their own smoke-free entrance policies. See our brochure in English and Spanish.

Tobacco Compliance Checks

Tobacco compliance checks are held in Lincoln and Lancaster County with law enforcement, youth and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, working together to reduce the sale of tobacco products to minors.

2014 Lincoln Compliance Check Report
2012–2014 Rural Lancaster County Compliance Check Report

Tobacco and ID Check Training


The Lincoln Police Department administers FREE Tobacco and ID check trainings for business owners, managers, and employees who sell tobacco products. The training helps businesses prevent the sale of tobacco products to minors.

The class provides instruction on:

  •  What to look for when checking IDs.
  •  What to do when a minor attempts to purchase tobacco.
  •  State of Nebraska tobacco laws.
  •  How to keep tobacco products safely displayed in your business.

Attendees will receive a certificate upon completion of the training.

Space is limited so please register for the class at e-mail or call (402) 441-6225.

The next training is scheduled:

Date:  TBA      Time: 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Location:  Justice & Law Enforcement Center, 575 South 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska



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