In Lancaster County, all employees are protected from secondhand smoke inside their workplace either by the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act or the Lincoln Smoking Regulation Act.

Smoke/Tobacco-Free Campus

Other businesses choose to make their entire campus smoke/tobacco-free and some choose to extend this policy to also cover business vehicles.

Congratulations to Hexagon Lincoln for implementing a tobacco-free campus policy on January 1, 2016.

St. Monica’s, CenterPointe and The Bridge Behavioral Health rehabilitation centers adopted a tobacco-free campus policy and they highlighted their experiences on the video Tobacco-Free Campuses in Behavioral Health Settings.


St. Monica’s



The Bridge Behavioral Health

In April 2015, these three behavioral health agencies received a Community Public Health Award from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Board of Health for adopting a tobacco-free campus policy.  View their award ceremony.

TFLC recognizes those businesses that have chosen to make their entire campus smoke/tobacco-free.

If you are interested in developing a smoke/tobacco-free campus policy, take a look at our toolkit and watch this video to learn how a local business developed their policy…

and how this policy encouraged one of their employees to quit tobacco use.

Smoke-Free Entrances

Walking through secondhand smoke at entrances is not only unpleasant for clients and employees, it is also a proven health hazard. To eliminate this exposure at workplace entrances, employers can choose to implement their own smoke-free entrance policies. See our brochure in English and Spanish.

Tobacco Compliance Checks

Tobacco compliance checks are held in Lincoln and Lancaster County with law enforcement, youth and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, working together to reduce the sale of tobacco products to minors.

2015 Lincoln Compliance Check Report
2014-2015 Rural Lancaster County Compliance Check Report



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