More Lancaster County Parks Have Become Tobacco-Free

On  January 12, 2016, Waverly, Nebraska’s  Mayor and City Council passed a resolution prohibiting anyone from  using any form of tobacco at, or on any City-owned or operated outdoor or indoor recreational facilities, including restrooms, spectator and concession areas, playgrounds, athletic fields, bleachers, shade/picnic shelters, aquatic areas, and walking/hiking trails.

On June 1 of 2015, the Village of Denton, Nebraska passed a tobacco-free policy covering its park, ball field,IMG_0318and any community property owned by the Village.  Denton’s policy bans smoking, littering of smoking materials, and use of electronic cigarettes on village property.

On September 2, 2014, Raymond, Nebraska adopted a tobacco-free policy making their ball field and main park tobacco-free.

Waverly, Denton and Raymond join Lincoln in protecting children at play and people with asthma, from potential dangers of exposure to secondhand smoke. These policies also provide adults the opportunity to be a nontobacco-using role model for youth.

Since September 28, 2012, residents of Lincoln have enjoyed playing tobacco-free in most of the park areas and facilities owned and managed by the City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department.

Enjoy Tobacco-Free Parks in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Park Areas

Lincoln’s policy prohibits use of any form of tobacco products, i.e., cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chew or dip, and electronic cigarettes in any park areas or facilities designated as tobacco-free.  This is a Parks and Recreation Department policy which is self-enforced by park users.  Tobacco-free park areas are clearly identified by “Play Tobacco-free” signs.  Specific park areas designated as tobacco-free include:  playgrounds, skate parks, picnic shelters, swimming pools and splash parks including bathhouses and parking lots, Jim Ager (youth) Golf Course, ball fields and multi-use sports fields including concession buildings and surrounding areas, and the fenced area of Pinewood Bowl with the exception of a designated smoking area.

For more information on the “Play Tobacco-free” policy, please go to the Parks and Facilities Page on the Parks and Recreation Department website, at

While these policies are established to enhance the public’s health, they also decrease litter in the parks and reduce risk of fire caused by discarded cigarette butts.