COVID-19 has changed many ways in which we live and interact with each other right now. You probably have never imagined wearing a mask to the grocery store, placing chairs six feet apart for a backyard barbeque, or visiting grandma at the nursing home through the window.  However, you do it because it keeps you and those you love safer.  Do you know what else helps protect you and those around you during COVID-19?  Quitting tobacco.

Tobacco users may be at increased risk of getting infected with coronavirus.  Often, tobacco use is a social activity, which lowers the chances of safe physical distancing.  It also requires increased contact of the fingers (and possibly a contaminated cigarette or e-cigarette) with the mouth.

Those who use tobacco may be at increased risk of complications with COVID-19.  People with poor lung function (as a result of tobacco use or anything else) may be at higher risk of complications from COVID-19.  We know that people who use tobacco generally face higher risks of respiratory tract infections, such as lung and chest infections, and that the coronavirus attacks the lungs.  Plus, tobacco use compromises the immune system, making it more challenging to fight infection.

But wait! It’s not just about you.  Anyone exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke – the kids, grandma, your best friend – may be similarly vulnerable to COVID-19 as tobacco users.

Visit our resources page for more information or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) for FREE help quitting tobacco.

Adapated from, 2020
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