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Congratulations, CenterPointe!

TFLC’s 2021 #GASOLNK #GASOLancasterCoNe Tobacco-Free Business Champion

Could you be the next Tobacco-Free Business Champion? You may be if your business or organization has a tobacco-free policy, offers cessation resources, and support the tobacco quit journey.  APPLY NOW

Thank you! Participating Businesses

The Bridge Behavioral Health


Community Action Partnership

El Centro de las Americas

Lancaster County Attorney

Lancaster County Medical Society

Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department

Lincoln YMCA

Lutheran Family Services

Madonna ProActive

Madonna Rehab Hospital

Nelnet, Inc


Southeast Community College

Union Bank & Trust


Great American Smokeout | November 18, 2021

Join Lincoln area businesses and organizations in supporting tobacco quit efforts during the #GASOLNK #GASOLancasterCoNe event.  Whether you feel like your business has high rates of tobacco use or if you feel like you’re a tobacco-free champion, this FREE event helps educate and bring together our community to support tobacco quit attempts.

Everything you need for a successful Great American Smokeout event on November 18 is linked to a FREE resource guide developed by Tobacco Free Lancaster County and area business leaders.  Each week in November will consist of emails, flyers, and social media posts that are recommended for a successful event.  Just forward them on to your employees to support tobacco quit attempts during the #GASOLNK #GASOLancasterCoNe event.

Tobacco-Free Assistance is available     for Lincoln and Lancaster County Businesses and Schools

In Lancaster County, all employees are protected from secondhand smoke inside their workplace either by the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act or the Lincoln Smoking Regulation Act.

All K-12 public schools in Lancaster County have a tobacco-free campus. Many businesses are also choosing to make their entire campus tobacco-free (including e-cigarettes) and extending this policy to cover business vehicles.

If you would like FREE assistance developing, updating, or implementing your tobacco-free campus policy, please contact us at

Tobacco-Free Campus Assistance

There are many ways to help protect the health and safety of your employees and visitors regarding tobacco use and exposure.  We can help your business understand where you are and build a strategy to get you where you’d like to be: ensuring cleaner, safer air for everyone.

A toolkit, educational materials, and more are available for FREE.  Please contact us to get started.

Local Health Agencies Adopt Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

St. Monica’s, CenterPointe and The Bridge Behavioral Health rehabilitation centers adopted a tobacco-free campus policy and they highlighted their experiences on the video Tobacco-Free Campuses in Behavioral Health Settings.

In April 2015, these three behavioral health agencies received a Community Public Health Award from the Lincoln-Lancaster County Board of Health for adopting a tobacco-free campus policy.  View their award ceremony.

TFLC recognizes those businesses that have chosen to make their entire campus smoke/tobacco-free.

St. Monica’s


The Bridge Behavioral Health

If you are interested in implementing a tobacco-free campus policy for your business or school and need more information or technical assistance, please e-mail

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