Smoke-free housing is legal and not discriminatory. The right to smoke is not protected under law, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Landlords are free to restrict smoking just as they are free to restrict pets.

Did you know that most people in Lancaster County, including those who smoke, want smoke-free housing?

91.7% of residents reported having rules that do not allow smoking inside the home (92.4% had rules not allowing smoking anywhere inside the home, while 4.7% had rules not allowing smoking in some places or at some times)

79.3% of people who smoke reported having rules against smoking in their homes (70.1% did not allow any smoking in their home, while 18.2% did not allow smoking in some places or at some times)

2019 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey for Lancaster County

Because smoke drifts from apartment to apartment, making your property smoke-free is a good idea, not just because of the health benefits, but also because it saves maintenance and rehabilitation costs.

Smoke-Free Housing Policies & Enforcement Strategies

View the 2015 Smoke-Free Housing Summit Video, by Topic:

• Fire Facts by Lincoln Fire & Rescue 5:46 – 15:18 minutes

• Basics of Drifting Secondhand Smoke 15:18 – 20:30 minutes

• Great Place Properties experience with smoke-free housing 20:30-29:40 minutes

• Tips on Developing a smoke-free housing policy 29:40 – 40:38 minutes

• Lincoln Housing Authority’s experience with smoke-free housing 40:38 – 49:47 minutes

• Achieving Better Compliance 49:47 – 1:00:20 minutes

• Question & Answers 1:00:20 – 1:15 minutes

More Information

If you would like more information or assistance in making your building smoke-free, please e-mail or call (402) 441-8045. To list your smoke-free building on the Lincoln Smoke-Free Housing Registry’s interactive online map, please sign and submit this form.

MAP of Smoke-Free Housing Properties in Lincoln, Nebraska

If you are interested in implementing a tobacco-free policy for you multi-unit housing and need more information or technical assistance, please e-mail

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