Tips for Speaking with Your Property Manager

Ask your landlord to let you move to a building where smoking is not allowed.

Ask if they would allow you to break your lease without penalty.

Ask your landlord to enforce the building’s smoke-free policy if they have one.


Ask your landlord to consider adopting a no-smoking rule for the building.

Ask your landlord to survey tenants to get their input on a no-smoking policy.

For more information on how to talk with your landlord: “Do’s and Don’t’s”

If you or a family member is experiencing serious current health issues from secondhand smoke, you may need to start looking for an apartment or house where indoor smoking is not allowed. See our smoke-free rental housing map to find properties that have indoor smoke-free policies.



For additional assistance with indoor smoking concerns after speaking with neighbors and property managers, please visit the Health Department’s Tobacco Prevention page.

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