Spring Training Series

Spring Training Series


Laying the Groundwork for Successful Tobacco Free Initiatives

Be part of the movement! This spring ANRF will provide webinar-based training series every month. There will be featured speakers every month. Make sure to visit the ANRF website for more information.

Password: L$cN-2020


Getting Your Coalition “Fired Up” For Change

Ignite is a book written by Fran Butterfoss for community volunteers and practitioners who are looking to make positive changes in their communities.

Before You Build It: Preparing for Effective Coalition

Learn steps to successfully plan a coalition. Join author Fran Butterfoss as she speaks about the process of coalition planning.

Build It: Building Structures for Coalition Success

Join author Fran Butterfoss as she speaks about preparing successful coalition structures. You will also learn how develop membership recruitment and retention.

Make It Work: Strategies & Essential Skills to Ignite Your Coalition

Learn how to to develop and prioritize strategies that change policies, systems and environments. Other objectives learned are: differentiating between strategic and action planning.

Sustain It: Developing Long Term Partners & Collaboration

Learn how to work with partners to create long term sustainability plans, understand how to spin off effective strategies, and activities.

Collaborating for Action

Lobbying vs. Advocacy vs. Education

Participatory Decision Making

Get ready to collaborate for action! This webinar-based training features speakers and resources provided by American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. Make sure to visit the ANRF website for more information and resources.

Password: L$cN-2020

Collaborating for Action

Managing Coalitions Virtually

Discover ways to develop communication, meeting management, and member engagement skills that are needed to keep coalitions information and productive when meeting and interacting in person is not possible.

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