Sharing Our Messages: Messaging our Reasons

Creating a healthy community is the goal of the Photovoice project.

Because tobacco use is a barrier to a healthy community, the Photovoice project engaged 55 local youth from The Salvation Army, Malone Community Center, and the Boy and Girls Club who created t-shirts and mini posters with anti-tobacco messages and reasons why they choose to tobacco-free.

Photos and videos were taken of the youth and shared among their families, friends, and community via Facebook and Twitter as part of Kick Butts Day and World No Tobacco Day, two national tobacco awareness days.

Tobacco use:

  • harms our lungs, heart, skin, and teeth


  • makes us and our surroundings smell


  • affects those around us like our family, babies, and friends


  • costs a lot of money


  • makes it difficult to participate in sports