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Not only does tobacco affect individual health and communities, tobacco farming has become a worldwide issue. Check out the information and links below to learn how tobacco production is a social justice issue of global proportions.


Did you know that tobacco will become the world’s leading cause of death by 2030 and 80% of deaths occurring in the world’s poorest countries? – World Health Organization

Learn how the World Health Organization (WHO) is leading a global effort in tobacco prevention.

Did you know the world’s three largest tobacco corporations have built empires that sacrifice the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of people? ¹

Protect public health by challenging Big Tobacco’s abuses.
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Did you know that 75 % of tobacco production is now coming from developing countries?

This means that more children are exposed to hazardous working conditions that include hard work for little pay, Green Tobacco Sickness and physical abuse. ²

Find out more about children and tobacco production.


2 “Hard Work, Long Hours, Little Pay,” Plan International