Operation Storefront


The goal of Operation Storefront is to raise community awareness of the tobacco industries’ successful marketing strategies using retail advertising and promotions.

Fifteen youth, with adult leaders, visited 22 convenience and grocery stores across Lincoln to learn more about tobacco advertising and promotions.

Youth were especially looking at the placement of tobacco products and the indoor and outdoor advertising.  All stores were personally contacted prior to the youth visits and all stores expressed interest in this educational experience for youth.

Research indicates that teens are more likely to be influenced to smoke by cigarette advertising than they are by peer-pressure.1 Kids, aged 12-17, are significantly more likely than adults to recall tobacco advertising.1

An Operation Storefront video was created by the youth to share with neighborhood organizations and individuals in their communities.

Other Youth Opportunities

Youth in Lincoln and Lancaster County work with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and law enforcement to reduce the sale of tobacco to minors.  Application Form

Join No Limits, Nebraska’s first tobacco prevention movement created, driven and led by youth.

1 Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, http://www.tobaccofreekids.org/research/factsheets/pdf/0001.pdf