Some populations experience more tobacco use, largely because of specific marketing and targeting by Big Tobacco. TFLC works to provide education about tobacco and vapor product use and cessation in ways that are appropriate for those that need it most. This includes translating materials into different languages, learning more about the role of tobacco in different cultures, and serving as an advocate for those that need their voices heard.

Community Education

TFLC values our diverse community’s perspectives, history, traditions, and knowledge. We address tobacco use disparities in our community through partnerships with local cultural centers and groups. To reduce the burden the tobacco industry has caused on the physical, mental, social, and cultural health of these groups, TFLC is committed to listening, advocating, and educating.

Our partnerships allow us to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate materials, grow our coalition capacity, engage in cultural events, and advise policymakers. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to reducing the tobacco industry’s impact on our community.

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TFLC Materials

It is a priority for the TFLC coalition to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate materials. Check out some examples below of recently developed and translated materials. Looking for more? Check out the Resources Page!

The TFLC coalition has members from all backgrounds in our community, but we are always looking to include more voices! Click the Get Involved button to learn more about joining our coalition!

Training and Learning Opportunities