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Data and Trends in Nebraska

Lancaster County Tobacco Prevention Highlights 2016
Lancaster County Tobacco Prevention Highlights 2015
Lancaster County Tobacco Prevention Highlights 2014
Lancaster County Tobacco Prevention Highlights 2013

Tobacco Free Living

Home and Car
Smoke-Free Home and Car Clings in English, Spanish and Vietnamese
Smoke-Free Home Pledge
2010 Surgeon’s General Report Summary, How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease

Landlords & Renters

HUD Memo on Non-Smoking Policies in Public Housing
HUD Further Encouragement to Adopt Optional Smoke-Free Housing Policies
Smoke-Free Policies for Multi-Unit Housing  English  Spanish
Model Smoke-Free Policy Lease Information  English  Spanish
Smoke-Free Housing Options  English, Spanish and Vietnamese
Map of Smoke-Free Housing Properties in Lincoln, NE
Smoke-Free Housing Trends
The Smoker Next Door  English, Spanish and Vietnamese

Tobacco & Health

Tobacco Smoke Has WHAT In It?  English, Spanish and Vietnamese
How Smoking Affects Illnesses
Electronic Cigarettes and Health
Smokeless Tobacco and Health
NE Department of Health & Human Resources
Surgeon General Tobacco Report
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
When You Quit  English, Spanish and Vietnamese

Quitting Tobacco

Nebraska Tobacco Quitline
LifePointe at Bryan Health: Contact Health Educators
Be Tobacco Free
Why It’s So Hard To Quit
Benefits of Quitting
How to Quit
31 Things to Do Instead of Smoke
Tips From Former Smokers
Local Quit Story


Above the Influence
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
The Cool Spot
Counting The Cost DVD
Drug Free: Parents and Caregivers
Department of Health and Human Services: National Clearinghouse for Drugs and Alcohol Information
National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): For teens, parents and teachers
Drug Free: Tobacco
Presentations and Materials
Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration
Tips For Talking to Kids About Smoking
Tobacco Talk Today Newsletters

Activity Websites for Teachers

Data and Trends in Nebraska
Tobacco Free Nebraska Resource Directory
Utah Tobacco Prevention and Control educational pages
What’s In A Cigarette? (History Channel video 3:48 minutes)

Tobacco-Free Campus

Smoke-Free Entrances Brochure  English, Spanish
Businesses with a Smoke-Free/Tobacco Free Campus
Tobacco, It Hurts Your Bottom Line
Lincoln Smoking Regulation Act
Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act
Nebraska E-Cigarette Law Summary


No Limits
Compliance Recruitment/Application
Lincoln Compliance Check Report
Rural Lancaster County Compliance Check Report 
Tobacco Free Kids

Big Tobacco

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
Challenge Big Tobacco
Children and Tobacco Products
The Truth
World Health Organization

Tobacco and Chronic Disease

Heart Disease 
Lung Disease
Chronic Disease