We have known for years that tobacco use causes lung cancer, but did you know that smoking can cause cancer in almost any part of your body due to the damaging effects at a cellular level?

One of the best ways to reduce tobacco use and exposure is by having tobacco-free policies.  Businesses can ensure cleaner, safer air and support quit journeys by prohibiting tobacco use (including e-cigarettes) on campus and in vehicles while reducing costs from custodial services, insurance premiums, and lost productivity.

Tobacco Free Lancaster County offers FREE support to implement or improve tobacco-free policies.  Contact us for a toolkit to get started, answers to technical questions, and to apply for FREE custom tobacco-free signage to help champion your new or improved policy.  Visit our business page to find out more and apply by April 30, 2021.

Do you already have a successful tobacco-free policy? Share how your business is making a difference by applying to be a 2021 Tobacco-Free Business Champion on our business page.